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Navigating NDIS Plan Management: A Simple Guide

Navigating the world of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re considering plan management, here’s a friendly guide to help you understand and make the most of it.

What’s Plan Management Anyway?

Think of plan management as your personal NDIS assistant. A plan manager helps you handle the funds in your NDIS plan. It’s a bit different from letting the NDIA manage your funds or doing it all by yourself. Want to dive deeper? The NDIS has a handy guide for that.

Are there different ways to manage NDIS funding?

Funding in a participant’s NDIS plan can be managed in several ways:

  • Agency managed: The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) manages the NDIS funds and pays registered service providers directly on behalf of the participant.
  • Self managed: The participant or their nominee manages the NDIS funds, and the NDIS reimburses them directly for the received supports.
  • Plan managed: A plan management provider like Pay For Ability assists the participant in managing their NDIS funds. They can purchase supports from both registered and unregistered providers. The plan manager receives funds from the NDIA and disburses them to other service providers on behalf of the participant. If you choose for your NDIS fund to be plan managed, the NDIA will add extra funding for your plan manager, so your actual funding will not decrease.

Why Consider a Plan Manager?

Here’s why having a plan manager might be a good idea:

  1. They can teach you money and plan management methods.
  2. They’ll show you how to take the reins if you want to manage your plan.
  3. They handle payments to providers for you.
  4. You’ll have more provider options.
  5. You get clear budget reports to keep track of your funds.

How to Get Started with Plan Management?

When you’re having your NDIS planning chat, just mention that you’d like a plan manager. The NDIS will set aside some funds just for this. If you’re already in the middle of a plan and fancy a change, give the NDIS a ring at 1800 800 110.

Finding Your Perfect Plan Manager

Here’s how you can find a plan manager that fits just right:

  • Chat with your Local Area Coordinator or early childhood partner.
  • Use the nifty Provider Finder tool on the NDIS portal.
  • Ask your friends or family for recommendations.
  • Do a quick online search.
  • Contact Pay For Ability on 0432 446 966

Once you’ve found your match, you’ll create a service agreement. It’s like a friendly contract that says what they’ll do for you, how they’ll do it, and for how long.

Changing Things Up

If you ever feel like switching things up, you can change your plan manager. Just let your current one know, and they’ll help you make the move smoothly.

If something’s not quite right with your plan manager, have a chat with them. They’re there to help. If you’re still not happy, you can always reach out to the NDIS Commission.

And there you have it! A simple guide to NDIS plan management. Remember, it’s all about finding what works best for you.

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